R8GD-O30K072C Single Packaged Gas/Electric Units 13 SEER, R-410A, 2.5 Ton Unit

Item#: R8GD-O30K072C

Brand: Kingersons

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Product Details

R8GD Series Single Packaged Gas/Electric Units 13 SEER, R-410A, 80% AFUE 2 Ton thru 5 Ton Units

The R8GDSeries single packaged gas/electrics are high self contained cooling units that can be installed on the roof or on a slab. The convertible unit design makes installations simple in all applications. Units are ETL and ETLc listed.

• Quality Compressor: State of the art Copeland Scroll compressor is standard equipment.
• Proven, Industry Standard Components : Easier service and availability.
• R-410A Refrigerant: Environmentally friendly.
• High and Low Pressure Switch: Added compressor protection.
• Micro-Channel Coils: Both indoor and outdoor all aluminum coils are designed to optimize heat transfer, minimize size and cost, and increase durability and reliability.
• Liquid Line Filter Driers: Factory installed at a convenient location for service.
• Externally Accessible Service Ports: Quick access to refrigerant system without disrupting operation.
• Compact Footprint/Low Profile: Easy to handle and transport.
• Heavy-Gauge Full Perimeter Base Rails: Facilitates forklift handling and curb mounting.
• Convertible Air Delivery: Horizontal or to accommodate rooftop or horizontal application.
• Galvanized Steel Cabinet: Polyurethane provides 950 hour salt spray protection to resist corrosion.
• Wire Guard Coated with Earth Friendly Epoxy and Mesh Hail Guard: Will never rust and protect the coil from being damaged by balls, lawnmowers, hail etc.
• Access to Controls and Major Components: Easy in and out service.
• Low Voltage Transformer : Includes 3 Amp fuse to protect low voltage circuit.
• Corrosion-Resistant Drain Pan: Quickly drains away evaporator condensate.
• One Piece Top for Great Fit and Finish, Total Seal: Well designed, quality construction. Drip edge on top panels whisks away rainwater. Embossed bottom pan keeps blower component compartment dry.
• Quiet Operation: Low vibration.20" fan blade combined with custom venture condenser fan.
• SmartLite® Control Board: Provides extended life to igniters using hot surface ignition technology. Programmed to learn the heat-up characteristics of the igniter, then adapt the ignition time to the characteristics of the furnace
so the igniter is energized appropriately.
• Hot Surface igniter: Innovative application of an appliance type igniter with a 20 year history of reliability.
• Accessories: Roof curbs and more.