LMVN360HV 36000 BTU LG Vertical Horizontal Air Handling Unit Air Conditioner

Item#: LMVN360HV

Brand: LG

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Product Details


Indoor Model H/P Inverter #



Capacity* (BTU/h)

36,000 Class

Fan Air Flow Rate (CMM)




Sound Level H/M/L (dB(A)+3)


External Static Pressure (in. wg) 0.5


Running Current (A)


Power Supply (Ø/V/Hz)


Piping Connections

Liquid (inches)


Gas (inches)


Temperature Sensor




Power/Transmission Interunit Cable (No. x AWG)

4 x 18

Dimensions (WxHxD)

Body (inches)

18 x 48 5/8 x 21 1/4

Net Weight Body (lbs)


• Inverter (variable speed fan)
• External static pressure control
• Control lock function

• Auto restart operation

Interior Unit Includes:
• Air handling unit
• Owner’s manual

• Accessories
Model name : PREMTB10U
(Programmable Controller sold separately)
Model name : PQWRHDF0

(Wireless Handheld Remote Controller sold separately [requires Programmable Controller])
Model name : ANEH053B1

(5 kW Electric Heater sold separately)
Model name : ANEH1053B2
(10 kW Electric Heater sold separately)

1. Capacities are based on the following conditions:
      Cooling:   - Indoor Temperature 80ºF (26.7ºC ) DB/67ºF (19.4ºC) WB
- Outdoor Temperature 95ºF (35ºC) DB/75ºF (23.9ºC) WB
       Heating:  - Indoor Temperature 70ºF (21.1ºC) DB/60ºF (15.6ºC) WB
- Outdoor Temperature 47ºF (8.3ºC) DB/43ºF (6.1ºC) WB
- Level Difference of Zero

2. Sound pressure levels are tested in an anechoic chamber under ISO Standard 1996.
3. Adjust fan speed to correct for static pressure increases when using field-supplied air filter.
4. For more capacity information, refer to the combination tables in the Engineering Manual.
5. Power wiring cable size must comply with the applicable local and national code.
6. The specification may be subject to change without prior notice for purpose of improvement.

Product Overview

LG's devotion to providing efficient ductless solutions can be seen across the Multi F line of indoor units. The LMVN-HV is also demonstrative of their ingenuity. This is an air handling indoor unit that can be installed in nearly any ducting run. LG's air handlers are designed to provide powerful heating and cooling for the major rooms in your home or business. Capable of managing high air speeds and volumes effortlessly, the LMVN-HV is an impressive addition to large mini split systems.

Product Features

Quiet Design
The LMVN360HV can operate at volumes as low as 43 dB thanks to its advanced fan motor. The brushless direct current motor reduces electrical and mechanical sound while providing powerful air movement.

Automated Operation
Auto operation mode continually compares your zone's current and desired temperatures and uses that data to intelligently adjust the unit's fan speed and refrigerant flow to provide optimal comfort.

Sleep Mode
With the sleep mode and timer functions, you can set this indoor unit to save energy at night. Sleep mode will incrementally adjust temperature for an hour before the timer function automatically deactivates the unit.

LG's multi-zone indoor units include a dehumidifying operation mode. In this mode, the unit's internal sensors monitor temperature and modify the set point and fan speed to remove moisture from the air.

Hot Start
When the hot start function is enabled, the LMVN-HV's fan will not engage until the outdoor condenser has had the opportunity to warm the indoor coil. This prevents the unit from blowing cold air during heating operations.

The LMVN-HV can be installed in either a vertical or a horizontal orientation, making it a versatile solution for all manners of duct systems.