Fujitsu FJ-RC-WIFI-1NA Wi-Fi Module


Brand: Fujitsu

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Product Details


  • Wired receiver for wall mount units
  • Remotely manage your mini-split system using a simple smartphone, tablet or PC via the Internet
  • Turn the mini-split on before arriving home
  • Check if the unit is still on once out of your home and turn it off
  • Program the mini-split with a calendar scheduler in an easy, intuitive way

Product Specifications

Description Wi-Fi Module
Shipping Weight 0.60
Shipping Width 6.10
Shipping Length 7.10
Shipping Height 2.10

Compliance & Notes

Harmonize Code 8523.49.4000


  • Is the most advanced solution to remotely manage an Air Conditioning system using all sort of mobile devices such as Smartphones, Tablets and PC
  • No separate external power supply required
  • Can be used for single indoor units and group controlled (up to 16) indoor units


  • Basic control Turning the units on and off
  • Mode control (Heat, Cool, Dry, Auto, Fan)
  • Fan speed setting Louver position (Airflow direction setting)
  • Room temperature display
  • Set temperature control
  • Multi Language
  • One Scene and Timer Application screen image.
  • Advanced control (Optional functions)
  • Climate working modes (ECO, Comfort, Powerful) (future release)
  • Schedulable functionalities (ON/OFF, Modes,Set point temperature, Fan Speed, Louver position)
  • Set temperature limitation (future release)
  • Multiple Scenes & Timers and Calendar function
  • Notifications and history
  • Alerts e-mail notification (future release)
  • Air conditioning malfunction alerts
  • Connectivity monitoring and alerts History (future release)